fooquo is a software aimed at companies in the agrifood sector that aims to facilitate the work of buyers and suppliers, standardizing and optimizing the early stages of the business relationship.
On the one hand, fooquo permits the purchasing departments of large retail companies to find the product that best suits their needs, in a quick and structured form.
On the other hand, it helps suppliers to position their company, they may receive request for quotation and offer their products.
fooquo does not act as an intermediary, it does not perform reverse auctions, or any other activity that promotes price war.
fooquo offers four main services:
i. Request for quotation:
Through which, key account buyers may request the products that they need, sending the chosen suppliers all the information they need to issue a quote.
ii. Market Offers:
Suppliers may submit bids by releasing stocks to those buyers who have expressed interest in receiving them.
iii. Competitiveness reports:
The fooquo reports enable suppliers, among other things, to know which profile companies look for buyers, how attractive their company or their products are and how their relative position is in the market.
iv. Donations:
Buyers and suppliers can donate food that otherwise would be destroyed.



  • Albert  Fernandez
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    Company: IESE


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